What Are The Quality Check Procedures Of The Diamond Bedding?

The diamond bedding company was formed in 2016; still, the company has gained so much popularity. The popularity is only because of the quality they are providing to the public. The quality of their product is relatively higher than other products. The company is following a strict policy for their excellent quality. They never compromise with their quality.

Although their product might be costly than others, the life of their product is very long. If you decide to invest in their product, then you need not repurchase them. Following is the process that they undertake to check the quality.

Differentiate between the Goose and duck down

You are new; then, you will never get to see the difference between these two. Some companies use the duck down to make their product cheap, but the quality of the product will be affected. But this company is having experts with them. So they can easily do differentiate between these two and choose the right one. That is why the quality of the Goose down pillow and where their product is much more than others.

Proper washing 

Even after choosing a proper goose down, you have to clean it and tie it. The Goose down that the company obtains is not at all clean. It is required to be washed multiple times. You have to wash until the entire odor goes away. And make sure that the goose downs are white.

Cleanliness test

After proper washing, if the downs, these downs have to go through the test. In this test, the following three things are checked:

  • Turbidity Reading
  • oxygen content
  • residual fat content

All three tests are necessary to check whether the goose downs satisfy the company’s quality parameter. If they satisfy the company, they will only be used as a filler in the Goose down pillow.